Bulldog Rewards

P.S. 83 will has implemented a new Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) system to maintain a positive school environment and increase academic performance.  This system will award positive behavior on a daily basis which will hopefully lead to successful learning and positive social development of our students.

The PBIS system is comprised of three pillars; Respect, Responsibility and Reflection. As a school community we will teach the students respect for all, including persons, the building, the community and most importantly themselves.  Through responsibility students will learn what it means to take ownership of their actions, study habits and behavior.  Lastly, students will learn to reflect and think about the decisions they have made, and the impact they’ve had on themselves and others. 

Throughout the school you will see reminders of these three pillars in poster form.  Students who display excellence in these categories will have the opportunity to receive “Bulldog Bucks”.  For each dollar that students gain they will be able to purchase items at the school store every month.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support

Helps create a safer school environment, increases academic performance and emphasizes individual student responsibility through proactive interventions.

Students will receive “Bulldog Bucks” for exhibiting positive behavior in the area of: Respect, Responsibility and Reflection.

Bulldog Bucks can be spent at the bulldog store at the end of every month on prizes, gift cards, art supplies, sporting goods, special assemblies, tickets to ballgames/trips and much more. (Assemblies, ballgames and trips are funded by Project BOOST.  For more information about Project BOOST please click here.)

The 3 Pillars of Bulldog Pride


–Respect for ALL

–Respect for the building

–Respect for yourself



–As a student

–As a citizen



–Re-think your actions

–Own up to mistakes

–Change future decisions