Science Fair Information

This year P.S. 83 will be holding a Science Fair 9:30 am on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019.  We hope you will be able to take an active part in the development of your child’s Science Project.  Depending on the grade level of your child, projects will be completed as follows:


Timeline for individual projects:

Friday, Dec 14, 2017: Students submit a short description of the thought-provoking question their project is addressing.

Friday, Dec 21, 2017:  Students have received approval for their proposed project and/or suggestions for improvements, so they can get started over the holiday break.

Friday, Jan 4, 2018:  Students submit background informational writing on their project, and the prediction or hypothesis they will be testing.

Friday, Jan 11, 2018:  Students submit an outline describing their project, the materials they will use, and how they will do the experiment, with step-by-step instructions.

Friday, Jan 18, 2018:  Students will be ready to discuss their progress with their teachers.

Monday, Jan 28, 2018: Projects are due and class presentations begin.  Teacher selects top 3 from each class.

Saturday, Feb 9, 20189:30AM-11AM SCIENCE FAIR!!  Grade and school-wide winners announced at 10:45 am.


Student projects will be assessed using the following guidelines:

Originality of Project

Use of Scientific Process

Accuracy of Data

Analysis of Results

Effort & Workmanship

Knowledge of Science Facts

Overall Appearance


Kindergarten – Animals Project

Grade 1 – One class theme project  

Grades 2-8 – Individual or 2 student group project if permitted by teacher.  Students’ projects are expected to be related to the science curriculum for their grade level unless otherwise approved by their teacher.

**The use of live animals or insects IS NOT PERMITTED.  Items of value SHOULD NOT be included.**




The classroom teacher will judge all projects and select 5 semifinalists from the class. These projects will be displayed in the hallways outside the classrooms and will then be displayed on Saturday, February 10, 2017 at the school wide Science Fair Open House in the Annex Cafeteria.  A panel of judges will select a class winner for each class in grades 2 - 8.  A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place school winner will be selected at 10:45 am from the class winner projects.